My Mother Laughs

Ma mère rit

Chantal Akerman

The Song Cave, 2019

My Mother Laughs

Ma mère rit

Author: Chantal Akerman – Translated by Corina Copp

Publisher: The Song Cave

Year of publication: 2019

Format: 19x14

Pages: 173

ISBN: 978-0-9988290-8-1

Language: English

Country: USA (United States of America)

"With pride because I finally believed in my ability to say something that I’d had trouble saying. I told myself, I am strong for once, I speak. I tell the truth."

In this unforgettable and moving memoir, the last book written before her death, the legendary film director Chantal Akerman (1950-2015) blends her matter-of-fact writing style with family photographs and stills from her own films in order to better describe and speak toward the most tender of human elements: her family, her lovers, and, most urgently, the deterioration of her mother’s health along with her own mental health.

While addressing universal experiences–the pain found woven into love, the end of relationships, difficult family histories, self-doubt, the end of life–Akerman‘s sharp eye toward memory raises questions about what it means to love and care for oneself and for another, and in the end, what the personal cost of those decisions can be.