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On May 14, 1975, with the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival of Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, film history took a sudden, unexpected turn.

A masterpiece was born, and one among the greatest filmmakers and artists of our times became internationally known. Chantal Akerman’s cinematographic, literary and art works created before or after Jeanne Dielman remain among the most influential to numberless artists and the most inspiring to audiences across the world.

Launched on the anniversary of that seminal projection in Cannes, this still skeletal website aims at becoming in the coming months a reference, and a key resource for all those who study, research, love, are inspired by or simply enjoy or want to discover Chantal Akerman’s oeuvre.

1.  The works

Where to look for all the contacts and information on where to find and how to be able to exhibit, screen, read, publish all Chantal Akerman’s works, being they films, books, or installations...

For any request about Chantal Akerman’s works, you can contact the foundation at:

2.  The Archives

Conserved at CINEMATEK, the paper and photographic archives of Chantal Akerman and Paradise Films are currently being catalogued, organized and digitized. In this section we will keep on making available some highlights from the Archives.

In addition to preserving her films, the CINEMATEK also holds the archives belonging to Chantal Akerman and Paradise Films. These are currently in the process of being catalogued, inventoried and digitised with the aim of preserving and protecting the work of Chantal Akerman in all its entirety and diversity. These archives bring together, by means of film, book or installation, her scripts, notes of intent, research, on-set photographs, press articles and dossiers, interviews, subtitles and general documents relating to production.

Also found are those projects that remained unfilmed by the director as well as her personal archives. Each of these valuable elements play a role in the wishes and efforts of the Fondation Chantal Akerman to establish a deep, scientific knowledge of her work and to provide answers to the many questions and demands of those researchers who are studying her work, programmers who are presenting it or artists and filmmakers who are stimulated by it.

These archives can, in part, be consulted in the CINEMATEK Documentation Centre. The Fondation can also reply to you and help you by e-mail. Various documents will be posted regularly on the Fondation website.

For any research request, you can contact the archives at:

3.  News and Events

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