June 20, 2024

Golden Eighties at Il Cinema Ritrovato

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23/06/2024 > 29/06/2024

Golden Eighties at Il Cinema Ritrovato

In their programme dedicated to Delphine Seyrig, Just another Sorceress, Il Cinema Ritrovato are presenting this year’s restoration of Golden Eighties. Premiering on Sunday 23 at 4.30, the screening will be introduced by Tomas Leyers, conservator of CINEMATEK.

The scan was realised by CINEMATEK from one of its preserved prints. The rest of the restoration process was conducted in Bologna as Immagine Ritrovata welcomed Luc Benhamou to supervise the color grading. The film’s restoration has permitted a re-release, an occasion for Belgian audiences to delect in this riotously funny and subverise musical comedy. It is now time for international audiences to discover one of Akerman’s masterpiece in a format so closely related to its original print.

Il Cinema Ritrovato