Hôtel des Acacias

Belgium, 1982 / 16mm / Color / 42 min
Chantal Akerman, Michèle Blondeel

Hôtel des Acacias

Belgium, 1982 / 16mm / Color / 42 min

Cast: Chantal Akerman, Michèle Blondeel

Production: INSAS - Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion (Bruxelles)

Sound: Henri Morelle

Editing: Suzy Rossberg

Photography: Michel Houssiau

Several young men and women arrive one after the other at Hôtel des Acacias, full of hope, desire and vitality. In the bustle of this hotel, everyone is looking for love.

Hôtel des Acacias was an exercise guided in 1982 by Chantal Akerman at Belgium’s INSAS audio-visual college, just before she directed Golden Eighties. Her personality left a strong impression on the four student directors and on the exercise itself.

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