The Archives of Chantal Akerman

Conserved at CINEMATEK, the paper and photographic archives of Chantal Akerman and Paradise Films are currently being catalogued, organized and digitized.

  A work in Progress…

In this section we will keep on making available some highlights from the Archives.




Press files

The Fondation Chantal Akerman

The Fondation Chantal Akerman was founded in 2017. Its aims include :

  • Conserving Chantal Akerman’s body of Art, including the archives and all the works ;
  • Fostering the knowledge, the appreciation and study of Chantal Akerman’s oeuvre ;
  • Assuring its dissemination and conservation of Chantal Akerman’s works ;
  • Assemble, maintain s and protect the rights of Chantal Akerman and of her works.

In order to achieve these goals, the Fondation Chantal Akerman joined forces with CINEMATEK.

We start with a glimpse into
the folders from Jeanne Dielman

For any research request, you can contact the archives at: